What is “Your Soul Health”

How to Improve Your Soul Health Consciousness

Your Soul Health was founded by Naomi Cook – you may have already met her online as “Nurse Naomi”.

Nurse Naomi”, although originally a philosophy graduate, was pretty mainstream. She was also dead set against spirituality. She thought that spiritual people were naff and inspirational quotes made her more nauseous than the blogs she wrote on gastro.

She happily blogged about germs, hand washing and ill health – but then her world was turned upside down.

Her own daughter was diagnosed with a giant brain tumour and Naomi’s blog quickly became a forum where she shared her quest to keep her daughter alive whilst battling the after-effects of the aggressive surgery she endured.

Then something surprising began to happen. Naomi was forced to push beyond the mainstream and venture into both the alternative and integrative healing modalities and her eyes began to open.

Naomi’s own awakening started with a paradigm shift relating to her understanding health, wellness and our current scientific model. Much to her surprise, this eventuated in a full-on, dramatic spiritual awakening and she began to study energy healing modalities herself.

Today Naomi is a Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki Healer and is currently studying a certificate in Medical Intuition. Her passion for health and wellness now encompasses all aspects of our experienced existence – from the physical to the emotional and spiritual.

What does Your Soul Health aim to do?
Your Soul Health aims to help others elevate their own soul health consciousness by sharing simple weekly tips that are easy to action.

Gaining optimum spiritual wellness and robust ‘soul health’ involves connecting you to your inner truth, heightening your awareness of who and what you are. This incredible sense of enlightenment can manifest in deep immutable peace and blissful, transcendental states of wellbeing. In fact, these states of ‘being’ have been described as the true meaning behind the ancient concept of ‘heaven on earth’ – who wouldn’t want that?

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P.S If you have kids, know kids, want a kid, still wanna BE a kid Naomi is also the publisher of an empowering health and wellness series for kids called “The Little Bush Nurse”.

You can sign up for weekly Kid’s Health Questions HERE and check out the books HERE.

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