Naomi’s Journey

sunny-kisses‘Suffering. Wow. It hurts so much doesn’t it? It is not in my belief system that we need suffering to evolve Spiritually and Wake Up – but it sure does work that way for so many people, and I’m one of them. The emotional, psychic and spiritual darkness I encountered due to my daughter’s illness were not just key, but the very cause of my own awakening.

Through suffering, then awakening, I was able to discover my inner truth; finding out ‘what and who I am’ which to led the unfolding of an incredible peace, a sense of bliss – heaven on earth– in my own life. It is an honour to now help and journey with others on this road to the same blissful, transcendental state of be-ing.

Find out more about the journey that lead me to creating Your Soul Health here.

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