Everything is Energy and Energy is Everything

Reiki is an infinitely powerful and beautiful way to kickstart healing on all levels of your being – Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically.

Naomi is a Former Registered Nurse and Reiki Master.

YSH Hand Energy

Skype and Distance Healing Consults – Options

Face to Face Skype Meeting 60 Minutes – $85 AUD

This treatment begins with a 15 minute discussion and some initial exploration of issues the client is interested in addressing. Theta Healing ‘downloads’ to address belief systems that may no longer be of use are often needed here. The relaxing Reiki session follows for 40 minutes with the client finally given time to ‘come to’ and share any feedback experiences at the end if they wish.

Face to Face Skype Meeting 45 Minutes-  $65 AUD

This treatment is broken down with 5-10 minutes talk for setting intentions and utilising Theta Healing if to necessary prepare for the session, followed by 30 minutes of Reiki and 5 minute feedback.

Distance Reiki with no Skype Meeting – $50.00 AUD

Here there is no meeting however an agreement is set up where Naomi sends 30 minutes of Reiki to the recipient. This energy is then ‘called in’ at will for 5-10 minute periods every day for 7 days. Instructions and tips will be sent on how to best utilize and enjoy this form of treatment.

Discounted Bulk/Package Options – Coming Soon!

Get in touch with Naomi today for more information or to experience the dynamic power of Energy Healing from the comfort of your own home.